Eastern US Meteor Captured on Video

Eastern US Meteor Captured on Video
Video shot in Jackson, Mississippi

From what I've read this is a once in a lifetime event to witness. I have seen reports of sightings from all over the US and received comments confirming the same.

Online research indicates more than 60 reports of a bright meteor that occurred at 06:10:49 AM CDT Tuesday morning October 30, 2012. Reports arrived from multiple southern and mid-western states.

American Meteor Society indicated they received sightings as far south as Alabama and Louisiana, as far north as Illinois, as far east as Kentucky and Tennessee, and as far west as Texas and Oklahoma.

Brightness estimates based on the video arrive at magnitude -13. The colors of the meteor were green, gold and blue.

For documentation according to 2012 AMS Fireball Table Refer to event #1677 for 2012 @ American Meteor Society.

Submitted by: Craig Miller

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